Somalia’s shady contracts with China Fisheries Association (CFA)

Somalia’s shady contracts with China Fisheries Association (CFA)

Somalia’s illegal agreements , a fisheries cooperation memorandum of understanding with the China Fisheries Association (CFA) has been signed by Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources minister Abdillahi Bidhan Warsame Somali Canadian former waiter of Restaurant in Toronto, Canada Hamdi Restaurant .

The non-binding MOU was signed after Bidhan had signed agreements on March 3, 2020 following the conclusion of underground discussions with those Chinese fisheries companies.

The Chinese companies are major players in the illegal fishing industry globally.

Mr. Bidhan wrote letter to. CFA representative Davy Chen and told that Somali Goverment selected and awarded local Somali Company Hass petroleum as stipulated in licensing requirements and conditions.

Hass Petroleum company own and operate by Minister Bidhan’s cousins.

Minister of finance Mr. Beileh US naturalized is involved this Chinese illegal fishing contract with Minster Bidhan.

Chinese revealed it is purse seining CFA wants to pursue in whole Somali cost . Chen said the CFA Distant Water Fisheries Branch he represents would initially like to have forty purse seiners operating in Somalia .

He says their vessels average about 60 metres weighing 1500 tons. Depending on the skill of the captain, the purse seines can net up to 500 tons each time they are set. Chen said they have about 40 purse seiners operating in Somalia

Somalia has been struggling to combat IUU fishing and implement effective regulation.

Somalia doesn’t have any comprehensive surveillance and patrol resources which allows them to identify and respond to fishers and other civil maritime threats as they occur.

illegal fishing contracts. has a major impact on Somalia resources. It also makes it difficult for them to assess the status of their resources because they don’t know what’s being taken out.