1st half 2021 MOF Somalia Revenue Collection

So it’ seems that Somalia getting worse not better, financially wise.

International donors run the show accounting for most of the revenue the country relies on. So they get to turn off and on the tap to try to get some semblance of political ‘progress’.

January 21 tap off

February & March slow tap release due to lack of scheduled elections.

May after the parliament extended Farmaajo mandate, tap completely turned off.

Parliament reverses decision to extend mandate in May and the tap comes on again moderately.

Remember during these months there were numerous meetings between FMS and FGS in the tent. This is the leverage Mr Yamamoto and Swan yield to steer things. Which is why we kept hearing of numerous breakthroughs just so funds can be released, but that eventually got nowhere because the whole thing is a house of cards!

The curious thing is where are the contributions from Turkey and Qatar?

This was why they were begging the diaspora for donations.

Afghanistan’s ousted regime is 200% better and more functional than the one in Villa Wardhiigley. The sooner AMISom leave the sooner it will disintegrate.

Turkey recently announced an ongoing 2.5 million dollar a month support.

It sounds like Somalia is just a disaster waiting to happend.

A lot of money from the likes of Qatar, Turkey etc. are going in the pockets of corrupt politicians.

Any news on what will happen with AMISOM after their time end after new year?

Can’t make this up!


Better off stateless:
Somalia before and after government collapse

Could anarchy be good for Somalia’s development? If state predation goes unchecked government may
not only fail to add to social welfare, but can actually reduce welfare below its level under statelessness.
Such was the case with Somalia’s government, which did more harm to its citizens than good. The government’s collapse and subsequent emergence of statelessness opened the opportunity for Somali progress.
This paper investigates the impact of anarchy on Somali development. The data suggest that while the state
of this development remains low, on nearly all of 18 key indicators that allow pre- and post-stateless welfare
comparisons, Somalis are better off under anarchy than they were under government. Renewed vibrancy in
critical sectors of Somalia’s economy and public goods in the absence of a predatory state are responsible
for this improvement.

Didn’t they get 7,9 mio$ not more than month ago as funding for the election?