Abaarta / Drought in the Horn of Africa

This is tragedy. And President Muse went on record just few days ago and there was no drought.

The East is suffering. The month between March until April is the hardest. Lets do everything we can to save the East.

An investment is justified as either.

  1. Needs based
  2. Economic based
  3. Merit based
  4. Nepotism/corruption.

The gov’t has to be forthcoming with its strategy otherwise the wrong message will reverberate through the people who are feeling left out.

Sahamiye Foundation Water distribution dashboard.

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Masha Allah


Roobab Lagu “Diirsaday”?

Roobka ma lagu diirsadaa mise waa lagu Qabawsadaa? Somali journalists need a lot of training not just in the art of journalism but in the art of the language itself.

Anyway, alxamdulilah for the raxmaad ka ilaahay u shubay dadka la tabaalays naa abaarta xun.

Heavy rains seen in Sanaag, Togdheer and Maroodijex regions.

Between Hargeisa and Berbera.

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Masha Allah


Not a single roof with water harnessing system as shown by the Somaliland Tourist.

More roobab lagu diirsado :slight_smile:

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