Balcad Textile factory machinery still working

After 30 years, these local men have kept the machines serviced at their own time and money.

Today, the machines are still able to start and function.

This underscores the big difference between Somaliland people and South Somalia people.

In the case of South Somalia, they are collective people. They do things collectively and look after their common goods collectively.

Whereas Somalilanders are individually minded people and will do everything to succeed indivitually. But when it comes to common good and shared things, they are terrible.

Look at Berbera Cement Factory, it was functioning or probably 90% in good condition. Today, it is totally useless, rusted and flooded. The simple truth is that, it was owned by government which means no one cared about it.

Look at Hargeisa National Theatre. It was in derelict condition for so long until someone purchased the land and rebuilt it privately.

The example are just endless.

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