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I remember when it was like that. Shortly after the fall of Siyad Barre people in the Refugee camps spontaneously moved back to their original place they came from be it Burco or Hargeisa. We moved back to Hargeisa still full of land mines, unexploded ordinance.

There were so many of my childhood friends who got injured by land mines or other explosives. You will hear a huge boomb sound and everyone would rush to see what happened… a goat got killed, a child got his hands or his legs blasted off and probably is also left blind. Very scary times to be a kid in that environment.

Harrowing childhood memories. Hope that new museum does this history justice.



Waddada xaafadda October, Hargeysa – Shalay iyo Maanta.

European Coastal Club (?), Berbera, Somaliland in 1959 and 2020. Note the spires on the building

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Any pictures of what this place ever looked?

Hargeysa State house oo la dhisay 1952

The State House estate needs to be made into a green park. Possibly only the building should be reconstructed to original specs.