Berbera Naval Base

Nov 2020

Looks like there has been some activity recently.

Mar 2021


I have been keeping an eye on this and the airport, similar story. Some activity but slow pace compared to how they started. But the good thing is they have gone so far into construction there is no turning back.


Some progress…


Imagine if this turns into a dry dock!

I think it is better as a Naval Base. The UK is interested to open shop in the region and Berbera could be the perfect place to position itself and project it is power.

I think Berbera will be our ticket to de jure recognition…

Now the airport is complete expect them to shift focus on the base.

Most recent

Construction of the Naval base has resumed. That Base is coming sooner rather than later.

A month ago (not much difference from last year)

This month

Tremendous work since July.

This part of the video was recorded near the Naval Base.

Looks like Breakwater is almost complete with the reinforcement walls getting erected.

Also lots of activity going on in the other areas.

This sat image was from late last year, it shows that they are building a new barrier to stop sea water from entering the channel.

They probably want to remove that big junk of sand in the middle.

Yes they dug deeper than originally planned to accommodate larger vessels.

Google Earth has been updated.

What are we looking at here guys?