BREAKING: Somali leaders meeting in Mogadishu have announced a new political alliance

Imagine the optics of this. First we had an “Isaaq” guy spearheading Somalia’s legal case against Kenya regarding the sea boundary. Now another one leading the opposition against Farmaajo. Can they run anything in house?


Lool, that is some funny take. But I think it’s pregnant with dangers for us.


Well, it’s their way of underplaying the issue of SL as a separate State from their failed state. And that is the game they are trying to gin up now that the world will soon clearly see the difference between the two sides once we do our parliamentary and local election in 31 May of this year. And they in Somalia, as usual, will still be squabbling along the way.

It’s their way of minimising our achievement, as if to say, that, that SL is a regional state inside their federal structure. And the election there is no different than the soon-to-be had May’s election for Scotland’s devolved parliament in Edinburgh and for the government of Scotland within the United Kingdom’s governing state and its union of four distinct subnational entities. Which in turn is centered on Westminster’s union parliament.

And they will say to boot, that, the proof of that assertion of theirs is the fact that two senior politicians from SL are in a prominent roles, or they are playing roles of that sort, in Somalia’s federal dispensation.

This is the sort of “political’s game” they are putting the final touches to it, particularly once the world sees the “stark difference” in political’s outcome that will be at hand.

Hence, I am not expecting the “fifth-columnists political legion” from SL, who seems to ply their treacherous political act in Mogadishu to see how they have been used and abused by others. But those of us in SL, who see the game that is afoot in here, must never allowed others who using our own people against us to belittle or to undermine our politically mature achievement.

After all, how many nations do you know in the horn-of-Africa (HoA), who are having any kind of political elections of the sort we had in SL and still be a stable place? Well, Kenya comes to mind (at least as a stretch). And other than that, SL is the only one.

Consequently, the concerted public relations effort in which our enemies in Somalia will soon mount (for that I have no doubt about it) in denying such achievement of ours. Particularly as time ticks to what would be a peaceful election (hopefully). And therefore, my friend, we must be mindful of that.

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