Cairo's new CBD and Seat of Government

New CBD takes shape

New Parliament building

New Public square

Other attractions

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Whats stopping Somaliland from going ahead with something similar?

This idea is perfect for a country like Somaliland. The Egyptian government simply picked an empty patch of land, and designated it the new administrative capital, and immediately started selling what was essentially desert plots of lands to investors. The proceeds of the land sale were then used to build essential infrastructure for the new city.

Its genius when you think about it. Our people are keeping so much money locked under beds and in dahabshiil accounts, the government can create a transformative project and free up the money to move within the economy in one simple move.

Not only will this be great for the economy, it will also lessen the burden on Hargeisa’s ailing infrastructure and services.


Something like this is out of our reach at the moment. But even if we try to do 5% of it, that would take us a long way.

A priority for us is to be food self sufficient. That will help us retain at least 50% of hard currency that we get from remittance and the small livestock trade.

Hard currency should be used to buy technology and other products that is able to help us do things like farming, manufacturing and processing. Not importing plastics and food.

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