Dahabshiil Motors - Hyundai, Toyota, Iveco

What make are these? Very handy for the terrain.

These look like GMC’s Hummer H1 - at least 20 years old and burn fuel like a tank with a hole.

You have to be well off to keep these trucks on the road. Yes, it good for someone who is got a good income and goes offroading often.

I see Somtel has responded to Telesom’s Dhaweeye App with its own Geeye App. :smiley:

Telesom Group and Dahabshiil Group have a very healthy and vibrant competition which is driving innovation and keeping prices down. Love it.

I think these are knock offs thus way cheaper and probably more efficient than the American stuff. Can’t tell if they are Chinese which would be odd in a Hyundai showroom or Hyundai made but then they would have a Hyundai badge.

Dahabshiil Motors adds Toyota to its dealership.