Djibouti Cement Plant


In my opinion this looks much simpler to setup than the two flour mills or the coke factory we have in the country.

100%, or the Dahab Tower. Oh well we can at least import locallish now and who knows we might end up supplying them the raw materials in return for the refined material!

It’s like we’re allergic to self sufficiency

This black stuff is coal or charcoal. This is needed when fusing the different rocks and sand together to make cement. This is the only thing that SL would import which is very cheap these days as a lot of countries are shutting down their coal fired powerplants and there is decreasing demand for coal at global markets.

Geological field mapping along with available geological and drilling data suggest that Somaliland (Northwestern Somalia) has favourable stratigraphy and structure for coal deposits. Lignitic to sub-bituminous coal deposits with ages from Jurassic to Oligocene-Miocene occur in various locations across the country including Hed-Hed valley south of Onkhor, Guveneh hills north of Las Dureh and Daban Basin southeast of Berbera. However, the coal occurrence at Hed-Hed has both the greatest thickness and highest quality. These deposits have the potential to provide an important alternative fuel resource which could alleviate the growing shortage of traditional fuels and assist in reducing the country’s dependence on imported energy. However, further investigation, including drilling and laboratory analyses, still needs to be carried out, particularly on the Upper Cretaceous coal seams to evaluate the quality and resource potential of the deposits.

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