DP World-UNICEF Designate Berbera Port as East and Central Africa Vaccine Distribution Centre

In this multi-Millions dollars partnership the Somaliland Port of Berbera which is managed by DP World will become one of the main the distribution points for COVID-19 vaccines and related immunization supplies to the landlocked countries in East and Central Africa.

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That is great news for Berbera.

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Indeed it’s a good news for Berbera. Hence, long it may remain to be the pearl of the horn. I know many countries in our HoA’s region would not really wish to see the reemergence of Berbera as the “maritime artery” of the Red Sea, in which she has the potential to be in the years to come.

But that is nothing other than a Strategical jealousy at best, in which some may harbor for her. Or failing that, then it’s down right myopic view of things. Since, no matter how much one may hate Berbera and all she could stand for, or all she would have potential to do for SL, there is nothing those who hate her emergence can do about it.

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