Egypt president in Djibouti to forge ties amid Nile dispute

Egypt president in Djibouti to forge ties amid Nile dispute

This was unthinkable just few years ago. Just shows how much Abiye Ahmed has screwed up Ethiopia’s relationships.

US’s Secretary of State was in Egypt just last few days and as their relations with Ethiopia deteriorate, they must have given Egypt the green light to do what it likes and make manoeuvres in the region.

Agree with you 100%. Abiy has sent Ethiopia into the wilderness with his foreign and domestic policies. The potential of the place just a few years ago and where they are now is astounding.

You saw the effect an Egyptian delegation visiting Somaliland had on Ethiopia (they named and sent their Hargeisa consulate representative to Somaliland within a few days after being absent for a over a year). Cant imagine what effect this will have. Clearly Ethiopia will cosy up to Asmara even more and use their ports. Might mean more traffic diverted to Berbera too.

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We should plan for the eventuality that Ethiopia could disintegrate. There is just too many moving parts in the works.

Amhara is now seen as the co-instigator of all evil inside Ethiopia along with Eritrea’s Afwerki, and with good measure. For them to assume the leadership of Ethiopia is tantamount to total disintegration and may make Abiye’s a walk in the park.

For us, it is time to think independently. Come hell or high water, we need to stop pleasing Ethiopia and take independent positions for our own interest’s sake.

DP World is with us for the long run and UAE will do whatever it takes to keep its investments save and peaceful, that means us taking independent positions should not be linked to DP World’s performances. That is a separate entity with its own politics and policy.

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This is kind of what you referring to.

Another major thing for Somaliland to do right now is to modernise its security forces.

We are being left behind in the region. There is only so long you can relay on 30 or even 40 year old weapons.

We need to either be imaginative and invest in our own development of arms… with advent of technology including 3D design, 3D printing (even metal printing), nothing is impossible.

Just watch my post about Hamas and how they have turned water pipes into missiles that can travel hundreds of kilometres.

We just need to be confident in ourselves and that is where a government with a vision and plan comes in.

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There is a Texas garage that converts ordinary pickup trucks into beefy all road trucks. This is a small garage.

Imagine if the Gov’t invests in a garage that converts pickup trucks into armoured vehicles with all the bells and whistles?

We can hire know-how from America to help design and guide the processes until we can fully build it in house.

New Atlas Hennessey’s six-wheel drive, 450 bhp, off-road Goliath

A good place to start might be reinstituting technical schools/colleges like the Burco one in every city. With this and the diaspora bringing back a lot of know how and the internet, a lot can be achieved in house I agree. The current generation of policy makers are too busy cutting ribbons and laying foundation stones.