Eritrea signs up to China's Belt & Road Initiative

That’s actually big news with huge reverberations in the region. China is consolidating its axis in the Horn with with dictators unopposed while the West tweets and sanctions with ever waning influence. Perfect storm with the pandemic keeping the West busy chasing its tail.

This is how the Brits with their Trademark East Africa arm wanna stay relevant in Djibouti!

Beggars belief.

Djibouti was supposedly to become the gateway for China to the Horn of Africa (read Ethiopia/South Sudan). With Eritrea onboard, not too sure how China’s commitments to Djibouti will change.

I think it will compliment it. Sudan will be next.


Following their recent peace deal, Ethiopia and Eritrea are seeking to take advantage of the region’s newfound foreign investment interest by tapping into long-ignored natural resources under their soil. One of the most promising resources is potash, a mined salt containing water-soluble potassium that is most often used in fertilizer. High-grade potash reserves split between Ethiopia and neighboring Eritrea are likely worth well into the hundreds of millions of dollars, if not much more. And with global fertilizer demand set to skyrocket in the years ahead, the opening of the region’s market couldn’t come at a more opportune time. But whether the two countries will be able to turn that promise into profit remains far from certain, as foreign investors may deem the countries’ political futures too murky – and the security challenges still too steep – despite the possible returns…

That article was written Jan2020 before the War.