Ethiopia ethnic regions sabre-rattling for civilwar

Tigray Melitia

Oromo Melitia

Amhara melitia

Oromo regional force

It seems that Abiy Ahmed’s Ethiopia is coming apart at the seams like so much of the proverbial “Humpty-Dumpty”. And that is the place a few folks were “advertising” to us in SL to pay attention to. Particular, as the place in which alleged horn of Africa (HoA) integration idea was meant to be heralded from it.

Remember those folks, like professor Buubaa, who used to talk a “great game” about how this “HoA integration agenda” was wonderful idea, in which to boot, we were told how Abiy will try to put in place and therefore we in SL shouldn’t miss that “strategical bus” that is coming our way?

Well, as it so happens, I do distinctly recalled all of the “breathless agitation” in which this false idea of horn integration absurdity did engineered.

And, in particular, how some self-serving folks saw within it a potential “political scam”, or if you like they saw a a decent way to actually destroy SL’s independence by way of “integrating” her, politically, with Somalia through the “backdoor” and through this alleged horn’s political integration. And, this, they had hoped, will be what the likes of Mr. Abiy Ahmed will indeed instigated and will create it from Addis-Ababa.

And, now it seems, far be it for Abiy Ahmed to crate a political and economical integration for the whole of the horn of Africa (HoA), he is actually in danger of having his country fall apart on his watch. What a serially incompetent fellow this Abiy guy is turning out to be in real time, really beggars belief.

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And what is also worse in here is that Farmaajo who did put a great deal of stock on Mr. Abiy Ahmed bringing down SL on her knees is now naked before the elements. Given that Abiy, although, was never in a position to force SL to get on with the “program” of ending her independent agenda on the account of his then horn integration agenda. But now, Abiy, is seriously out of luck in holding his nation together. Let alone be of any help to the likes of Farmaajo when it comes to trying to bully, politically, Somaliland at the behest of Villa Somalia.

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