Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit Market Update: September 2021 Update


They have included Ceerigaabo and the whole of Sanaag and Sool as using Somali Shilling and in the same catchment as Puntland. This after the WFP market supply updates reported

"In Erigavo, traders have opted to use Berbera as a source market due to limited supply of commodities from Bosasso due to monsoon winds. However, Somaliland authority has imposed new taxes between Bosasso and Erigavo corridor."
"The construction of the main road linking Burco to Erigavo is almost complete. This has improved transport services due to reduced costs and lead-time of trucks. For instance, transport costs from Berbera to Erigavo reduced from $5.5 to $3.0 per 50KG bag."

We also had the Rift Valley report on Lascaanod recently confirming over 80% of their import come from Berbera as oppose to Bosaaso.

If they’ve included Sanaag and Sool market figures in the North East or Puntland catchment figures doesn’t that skew things?

CPI for SL looks aight.

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There is no such thing as Somali Shillings used in Sool/Sanaag or even in Puntland. These people need some reality check.

Not only is the Somalia Shilling not used in Sool and Sanaag, since they use the somaliland Shilling but in Garowe and Boosaaso even there they don’t use it, it has become worthless.

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