Gypsum in Somaliland

Located in Berbera, Somaliland, the deposit is exposed for many miles, and extends for approximately five miles to the south of Berbera. It is between nine to 14 miles of the nearby port. The deposit is known to contain many millions of tons of good grade gypsum and anhydrite. It is thought that there are over 13Mt of greater than 90% pure gypsum and a further 9Mt of greater than 85% pure gypsum.

About Gypsum Market

Construction sector is the main consumer of gypsum (production of plaster boards, cements, etc.)
China dominates the global supply (its share is more than 50%)
World gypsum production is expected to increase as wallboard use grows rapidly in many regions    
Overall, global gypsum demand will be determined by the state of the construction industry
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Great. Gypsum is also a great fertiliser for the garden.

It fetches around $15 per ton when it raw from the ground and goes upto $60 when purified and ready for application.