Hargeisa Local Government Projects

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4 lanes without a middle island or walkway looks a bit of a task to get across.

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By following rules and process based engagement, everyone is a winner.

Previous mayors of Hargeisa and their local gov’t operations like the one today, would normally ended violently, b/c those in power would try to use ‘power’ to subdue and overpower the civilians. Using ‘power’ maybe the option with least ‘thinking power’ and does not require any effort from those in power… just send the dogs and wreck havoc. But it is also the most destructive and no body wins.

But by following the rules and processes option, and allowing those in power to engaged with the stakeholders, hold talks and secure their support. It yeilded the results we see today - The stakeholders and the owners of these shacks actually did the hard work and dismantled their shacks and moved their wares the night before.

This is what A Government from the People, By the People, For the People does.

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Agree. It’s one of the reasons am not too fond of mayor Cidin in Berbera, he has way more resources and less population at his disposal but all we see are token projects that are poorly planned and executed, like the Bus terminal (location) and Bada Cagaha Gali park (not complete). He was good when he came because all the other mayors were poor in comparison but hasn’t evolved much since. 80% of Berbera buildings (excluding the crumbling ones) have their paint peeling off maybe due to the humidity and use of the wrong paint to begin with. How about mandating painting those building (especially commercial ones)every X years.

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Absolutely, just another thing I forgot to add, is that the Hargeisa Deputy Mayor mentioned that the work they are doing today was agreed and ironed out at least 2 months ago.

This is exactly what I am talking about. The work that is being done today - should have been work that has been planned for months. No project should be done today unless it is been planned and all angles and stakeholders covered.

This is very import, b/c the leadership should be focusing on what is coming not what is being done today. That way, the work is delegated to managers and project leaders. The Mayor and local council members should only come to a worksite to do brief talk to the media and let the manager or team leader do everything else.

The days of when the Minister would be doing the work that was just discussed the night before should be no more.

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This is what am talking about. Classic architecture in need of a bit of plastering a lick of paint! I think?

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Great point, lets of we get more project managers on board instead of clan managers!

A district in Hargeisa is bigger than the whole of Berbera. And yes, I agree that Ciddin has a lot of resources but not much to show for.

I think, he is his by the ‘Power’ curse. Lets hope he gets back on track and improves the system as much as he is improving the city. B/c the system is much more important than building a road.

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There are different paints for different environments. Most likely they are using wrong paint.

However, in coastal towns, they mostly use lime render. Lime stone is plentiful in Berbera. In fact, lime stone is the primary ingredient in cement making.

To make lime render, you will need lots of fuel to burn the rock to powder. But it can be done.

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Berbera also has gypsum which goes into plastering renders, and then use water resistant masonry paint on top of that. RAK paint (RAS Al Khaimah) is one of the worlds largest supplier of paint and our number one supplier by the way. White also happens to be the cheapest colour when it comes to paint.

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Useful conversation on Twitter

The problem is shortage of land in Hga. No land laws or land policies meant that citizens have helped themselves to available land, evidenced by the plot markers or “size” seen everywhere. Means that gov’t cannot plan parks, etc. Even the beautiful Hargeisa hills are not spared:

The character of Hargeisa; a city in a valley surrounded by hills that were visible from across the city is disappearing; as shown in your images. From an environment perspective it’s also not good. Hence why implementable policies are integral to addressing these issues

After clearing the main road from street vendors.

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Next war removal of all the cars! :face_with_thermometer:

That would be a tough ask.

I think the next project is to rebuild the 'Bacadlaha" into a modern multi-level market area and house all the street vendors there.

Here in Melbourne we have a market called “Queen Victoria Market”. Probably one of the oldest still in use markets in the world, it is about 150 years old. Melbourne back those days was one of the richest cities in the world thanks to the gold mines which attracted waves of migrants from Europe and Asia.

The city’s mayor was awash with money and wanted to design a modern city which is future proof. They commission a guy by the name of Hoddle - a surveyor. He designed the blueprint of the city. The city was then faced with major problem of what to do with small street vendors. They created what is known as Queen Victoria Market. All the street vendors were given small shop. The market is still in operation and attracts tens of thousands of customers each day.

There is a renewed calls to redevelop the market into a modern market. Some of the proposed designs include:

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Mashaariic dawladda hoose dhagax dhigtay.

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