High Level Somaliland Ministerial Delegation due to travel to Taiwan


Welcome to Taiwan

Waxa aan soo dhawaynaynaa waftiga culus ee ka soo ambabaxay Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland oo maalinta berri ah ku soo beegan Taiwan. Waftiga oo casuumad rasmi ah ka helay dawlada Taiwan waxa uu ka kooban yahay 4 wasiir oo uu hogaaminayo Wasiirka Arrimaha Dibadda ee JSL, Dr. Ciise Kayd Maxamuud, waxa kale oo weheliya Wasiirka Horumarinta Maaliyadda, Dr. Sacad Cali Shire, Wasiirka Xanaanadda Xoolaha iyo Horumarinta Kalluumaysiga, Md. Siciid Sulub Maxamed iyo Wasiirka Qorshaynta iyo Horumarinta Qaranka, Md. Cumar Cali Cabdilaahi. Waftigu muddada uu joogo waxa uu la kulmi doonaa madaxwaynaha Taiwan, Marwo Tsai Ing-Wen iyo wasiiro ay ka mid yihiin wasiirada arrimaha dibadda, ganacsiga, beeraha, iyo arrimaha badda. Sidoo kale waftigu waxa uu la kulmi doonaa madaxda haayada TaiwanICDF, shirkada CPC, iyo shirkada CECI oo cisbitaal casri ah ka hirgalin doonta Somaliland. Si guud booqashada waftigu waxa ay daaran tahay dardar galinta iskaashiga labbada dal ee siyaasada, caafimaadka, waxsoosaarka, ganacsiga, iyo dhinacyada kale ee muhiimka ah.

We are delighted to welcome the delegation from the Republic of Somaliland heading to the Republic of China (Taiwan) led by Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Dr. Essa Kayd Mohamoud. The Minister is accompanied by the Minister of Finance, Dr. Saad Ali Shire, the Minister of Livestock and Fishery Development, Mr. Saed Sulub Mohamed, and the Minister of Planning and National Development, Mr. Omar Ali Abdulahi. The delegation will visit Taiwan to meet with senior Taiwan authorities and discuss strengthening Somaliland-Taiwan relations, enhancing economic cooperation, and other issues concerning the two countries. We hope this visit will result in closer ties between our countries.

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TAIPEI, Feb 7 (Reuters) - Taiwan will host a high-level delegation from Somalia’s breakaway Somaliland region this week, the government said on Monday, as the island pursues diplomacy in Africa in the face of Chinese pressure to limit its international footprint.

Somaliland broke away from Somalia in 1991 but has not gained widespread international recognition for its independence. The region has been mostly peaceful while Somalia has grappled with three decades of civil war.

Taiwan and Somaliland set up representative offices in each other’s capitals in 2020.

Both China, which claims Taiwan as its own, and Somalia have expressed their opposition to Taiwan and Somaliland’s forging of ties.

Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry said Somaliland’s foreign, finance, development and fisheries and agriculture ministers will visit from Tuesday to Saturday, and meet Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen as well as other top officials.

They will also meet executives from state-owned oil firm CPC, a ministry statement added.

Somaliland “shares the universal values ​​of freedom and democracy with Taiwan, and follows the rule of law and attaches importance to human rights”, it said.

Taiwan has been all but driven out of Africa diplomatically by China in recent years, with only tiny eSwatini now maintaining full relations with the island.

China has ramped up pressure on countries not to engage with Taiwan as it seeks to assert its sovereignty claims.

Taiwan has been keen to show it is a selfless development partner for Somaliland and last month donated 150,000 doses of its domestically developed Medigen COVID-19 vaccine.

Situated on the Horn of Africa, Somaliland borders Djibouti, where China maintains its first ever overseas military base.


Mei-Hua Wang, Minister of Economic Affairs, received the delegation from the Somaliland cabinet on February 9, 2022. The delegation is led by H.E. Dr. Essa Kayd Mohamoud, Somaliland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and includes H.E. Dr. Saad Ali Shire, Minister of Finance and Development, H.E. Omar Ali Abdilahi, Minister of Planning and National Development, and H.E. Saeed Sulub Mohamed, Minister of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Development. Minister Wang sincerely welcomed the delegation to Taiwan, and was pleased to see that Taiwan and Somaliland have been strengthening their cooperative ties through exploring potential business opportunities.

Minister Wang said that the economic cooperation between Taiwan and Somaliland is very promising. For example, in December 2021, Taiwan’s CPC Corporation signed the transfer agreement with UK’s Genel Energy, acquiring 49% of the rights on exploring the hydrocarbon resources in the SL10B and SL13 mining areas, and such agreement has been approved by the Somaliland government. Following the signing of the agreement, CPC’s plan for 2022 is to proceed seismic interpretations and to determine the location for its first exploration well, which is expected to be drilled in 2023. With its hydrocarbon resources being explored, Somaliland plans to deliver its oil and gas to the international energy market via Berbera port in the near future. While exploring the oil and gas storage in Somaliland, CPC will also co-work with Somaliland on training the professionals to explore such resources for further production.

Minister Mohamoud said that Somaliland and Taiwan both have strategic locations. Somaliland is located between Europe, Asia and Africa, with its Berbera port acting as the hub for these three continents to import and export goods; Taiwan, on the other hand, has an excellent location to both northeast and southeast Asia. To be specific, Somaliland has abundant natural resources, agricultural products, spice, salt, minerals and fishery products for export, while some of its major import goods include food, electrical and electronic products, textiles and footwear, which can be fulfilled by Taiwan’s businesses. Since Taiwan and Somaliland’s industries are highly complementary, Somaliland expects to have more trade and investment opportunities with Taiwan, and to act as the gateway for Taiwan’s businesses to enter the east African markets.

Minister Wang expressed her agreement with Minister Mohamoud’s views. In order to facilitate the economic and trade exchanges between the two countries, TAITRA has organized several business-matching events since 2020. This year, there will also be trade-promoting events held by the Taiwan side, such as the sales mission, the international trade fair and business forums to boost the trade exchanges. MOEA also encourages Somaliland to initiate trade events by contacting its representative office in Taiwan.

According to Minister Mohamoud, Somaliland has abundant natural resources that are not yet tapped and a young labor force. With such strengths, Somaliland hopes to attract Taiwan’s businesses to invest and to further expand the cooperation with Taiwan in various fields. Minister Wang responded that it can start with having more information about Somaliland and its businesses and setting up the priority areas. It would be MOEA’s pleasure to promote business opportunities between Taiwan and Somaliland and to further strengthen the cooperative ties.

Taiwan and Somaliland both praise the value of freedom and democracy. The visit of the Somaliland delegation this time demonstrates Somaliland’s hope to strengthen its economic relation with Taiwan under the goal of achieving mutual benefits. The meeting was full of warm atmosphere and lasted for around one hour.