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Yeah, they stole our emblem…

Somalia Police today:

Somaliland police


True. That was b/c the first Somali Police force was actually made up of Somaliland’s Police and the head of the Police force was Somaliland’s Police commissioner at the time.

The same goes for the currency. Somaliland’s currency at the time was the East African Shillings, while their currency was the Lira. The Lira was so devalued in 1960 when Somalia got its independence that they opted to use the Somaliland East African Shillings instead. They just changed the name from ‘East African Shillings’ to ‘Somali Shillings’, but it was 100% convertible between the two. If you had 100 East African Shillings, then you were qualified to get 100 Somali Shillings, whereas if you had 100 Somalia Lira, you were only able to get few Somali Shillings for it.