Kenyan Airways will start flights between Nairobi & Hargeisa on 28th of May

Good news. Ethiopia had a monopoly on SL flights since Dubai was suspended over a year ago. This should bring some competition and eventually lower prices, unless they collude!

Turkey and Qatar might follow suit!

The Huge Potential Qatar Airways Sees In Africa - Simple Flying

Africa is an important and growing part of Qatar Airways’ network, but where could be next and how…

The Democratic Republic of Congo, Somaliland, South Sudan, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, were all mentioned by Du Preez as possible future destinations. And the capitals of these countries – Kinshasa, Hargeisa, Juba, Lusaka, and Harare – would make sense. Pre-COVID, Dubai had up to 13 weekly departures to Hargeisa, 11 by Emirates’ partner, Flydubai.

Hargeisa needs to resolve the issue with Fly Dubai and Air Arabia.

Fly Dubai was a huge hit for folks like us from Australia where distance was an issue, specially when travelling with wife and kids. Emirates offered end to end flight connection from Melbourne to Hargeisa. The luggage was routed through the system and you only picked it at your final destination in Hargeisa.