Livestock exports comparisons

In 2021-22 Australia exported a total* of 1,110,270 livestock by sea and air, which included:

  • 615,024 cattle
  • 489,064 sheep
  • 3,366 goats.

The total value* of livestock exported from Australia in 2021-22 was approximately $1.3 billion :

  • $1 billion for cattle
  • $85 million for sheep
  • $2 million for goats.

Our largest export markets* for all species in 2021-22 were:

  • Indonesia, taking 349,279 cattle (56% of all exported cattle)
  • Kuwait, taking 232,418 sheep (48% of all exported sheep)
  • Malaysia, taking 2,074 goats (62% of all exported goats)

*Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics - all figures are free on board (FOB) and in Australian dollars

NOTE: Only the Australian Bureau of Statistics provides a dollar value for the animals exported. Information is also available on livestock export volumes from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (see below). The two organisations source their information at different points in the livestock e

Somaliland exported:

  • 1,867,665 Sheep (Sheep & Goat)
  • 102,346 Cattle
  • 27960 Camel

Back in 2011, Australia was exporting much more. The reason for the decline is due to growing opposition in live animal export industry. There were few high publicised cases of ships returned from Middle Eastern countries due to animal health issues. The trip from Australia to Middle East is anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. If animals are not unloaded after they reach their destinations, they start to experience deaths and other health related issues.

In 2011, the Australian Bureau of Statistics[4] estimated that:

  • 2,458,448 sheep were exported from Australia, worth $328 million
  • 694,429 cattle were exported, worth $629.4 million
  • 63,663 goats were exported, worth $8.5 million

New Zealand is also banning live animal exports starting from 2023.

What does this mean for Somaliland livestock?

New Zealand Is Officially Banning Live Animal Exports(aka%20Aotearoa%20%E2%80%93%20the,these%20on%20April%2030%2C%202023.

Somaliland should be diversifying away from live animal exports as well but in the long term. Forget cattle thats far too destrcutive on our already fragile land.

Am surprised Kuwait imports so much from Australia given the distance, so that market should be targeted. We need to move to the frozen stuff so we can penetrate the European market.

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Absolutely. Livestock industry needs an overhaul both in terms of farming and in terms of export. Frozen mutton and processed/packaged meat is a huge industry. I think there is a plant in Berbera that does this which mainly exports to UAE market.

The Live animal export will still be with us, specially during Hajj where it is a religious requirement to do sacrificial live animal. However, these other value-added markets is an opportunity that we need to seize and capitalise on.

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Glad to see Somaliland has now added Kuwait, Qatar and Lebanon to it’s list of countries it exports livestock to.

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This year, the livestock export numbers for Hajj season could be smashed due to the conflict in the Sudan.

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Kenyan MP.

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