Livestock Milk Market established in Berbera


This is really good news. Berbera is developing nicely and speedily. And once the rebuild port of berbera opens for business for good soon, then really, the sky is the limit for that town and for its inhabitants.

And also what is going for berbera is that she (like Gabiley town, as well) has as a city a real and dynamic mayor who knows his mayoral duty and what his freaking day-job is all about.

And that is very much unlike the mayors of hargeisa, Burco, and even that old dinosaur fellow in Erigavo town, who seems to think that the mayorship of the city of Erigavo, is his “political inheritance” to keep it till the day he shuffled off from his mortal coils in this earth (as it were).

All in all that is good news for berbera.


I agree with your sentiments. But I think both Berbera and Gabiley have a tiny population and generate a lot of revenue so in a sense they are easier to manage than Burco, Hargeisa and Ceerigaabo. Still doesn’t excuse the absolute woeful negligence of the mayors of the bigger cities. Ceerigaabo in particular is truly under developed/utilised with its temperate weather, abundance of water supply and fertile land. To hear people still import fruit and veg is insane when it should be the bread basket of Somaliland!

The double edged sword of people flocking to the bigger cities away from rural and coastal towns places a burden on the big cities, which are already badly planned and decimates the potential of a blue economy of the coastal cities and farming potential of the rural villages.

With such a long coastline, its a tragedy that Somaliland no longer has significant populations on the coast. Gone are the heydays of Saylac, Bulohar, Ceel Dareed, Karin, Onkor, Shalcow, Xiis , Maydh, Las Qoray etc.

We now have Yemenis fishing of our coastline providing us with fish :upside_down_face: on an ever increasing rate.

Puntland has retained their coastal communities especially in the gulf of Aden. There fishing sector contributes significantly to their economy to the extent that Puntland now trades fish for qaad with Ethiopia so no loss of hard currency. Compare that with Somaliland that spends hundreds of millions of dollars on importing Qaad!

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