Nabadaynta Somaliland Peacebuilding

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Thanks for this. For it’s a good stuff, really. And by the way, the reasons Somalia is still a shit-show that it was even back in 1991, is that, none of that kind of heavyweight social lifting of peacemaking and of genuine reconciliation ever took place there.

And they are still at it in that zero-sum game they were on when Siad Barre was chased away from power, back in 1991. Which is the reason even today, one single disputed selection process for their next president will end in violence and being back to square one kind of political setback for them.

All in all, we may rightfully complain about our shortcomings in SL. But at least I know we are not in danger of having the collapse of our state in SL, particular on the back of a disputed electoral politics, as they are ever so presently in Somalia.

And that may amount to nothing but small mercies in the eyes of the established western political realm. But in Africa such social fortune are what few can confidently claim to have it.

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Somaliland Peace Building Process. Documentary

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