New Permanent home for Somali Forums

Hello Everyone,

We have successfully migrated the forum from our temporary hosting provider to a permanent home using infrastructure from Digital Ocean.

The new infrastructure will allow us to better customise the forum software and offer the users more features.

We will update this page as we unlock and enable new features in the near future.

In the meantime, please lets know if you see anything out of place or missing links etc.

Forum Administration


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One issue we have found is related to private messages. It seems when you migrate data all Private Messages are encrypted using encryption keys only available on the old hosting provider. Unfortunately, we do not have access to those encryption keys which means, all the PM may never be recovered.

Having said that, we are in contact with our previous hosting provider if they can help us in this regards and let you know any updates about it on this page.

Please accept our apology in the meanwhile.

Forum Administration.

We have enabled the option of uploading PDF files.