Pharo secondary school Sheikh

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I just wonder why this School isn’t fully funded by Somaliland as a Select School very much like Abaarso but publically funded?

100% agree. Dayaaxa and laas Caanood boarding schools funded by the government? No idea how this one slipped through the net.

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Abaarso is not a government school. Also, Pharo Secondary Sheikh is runned by Pharo on behalf of Ministry of Education. SOS transferred all educational responsibilities to the Ministry then the Ministry chose Pharo as the most competent organisation to run the boarding school on behalf of the Somaliland people.

@Uusmiir, you are posting success stories of how Pharo Secondary in Sheikh has been transformed yet you say “it slipped through the cracks” lol. I don’t think you understand that expression.
The boarding schools mentioned: Dayaha and Las Anod can’t be compared to the one in Sheikh because these two only started 7 years ago while Sheikh secondary is older than your grandfather.

Slipped through the “net” as in not fully government funded by Somaliland. For your information Dayaxa school was established in 1957.

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There is something appealing about the stone works here.