Q1 2021 Somaliland government spending


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Good that domestic revenue is trending upwards. Bad that the external grants both JPLG and WB are almost non-existent. Could this be related to the Mogadishu election fiasco? if so, the Gov’t should really press this and challenge those concerned on why SL has to pay price on what goes on in Mogadishu?

The other interesting thing is the land revenue from Borama is almost the same as Burco. :astonished:

A lot of metrics seem to be showing Burco in decline in the past decade (apart from population). Also the corridor will make it even worse as business relocate away to Hargeisa or Berbera.


That Oodwayne road should be a priority. Never good for SL to become a 1 city pony.

Ceerigaabo nowhere to be seen and behind Saylac in terms of business licences issued, hopefully that jetty & Customs in Maydh might help.

I predict Las Canood will rise especially if that dry port is built.

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