Somalia enters constitutional crisis

Both Puntland and Mogadishu based Opposition leaders have declared that they no longer consider Farmaajo as President from 8th of Feb 2021.

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Here is the statement from the EU.

Somalia: Statement by High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell on the lack of agreement to conduct elections in Somalia

Brussels, 08/02/2021 - 18:59, UNIQUE ID: 210208_14

Statements by the HR/VP

The lack of agreement to conduct elections in Somalia is extremely serious and not in the interest of the citizens of Somalia. It is crucial that all participants continue to engage constructively to agree on the implementation of a national electoral process. Political leaders should continue their efforts on the implementation of the 17 September agreement. Any parallel or partial process or an extension of the current mandate of the institutions, which is not technical in nature would be considered as a severe setback.

The current political stalemate is damaging the confidence of the European Union in the progress of Somalia. President Farmajo and the leaders of Federal Member States need to resolve the political deadlock that threatens Somalia’s future and conduct elections as soon as possible. All parties must show leadership, take the interests of the population at heart and refrain from statements and actions that may incite violence.

For an agreement to be reached, either Farmaajo or Madoobe need to offer concessions.

It is unlikely that Madoobe, a ruthless warlord, is willing to move an inch - to the contrary he may jack up more levers.

The sitting duck whose term has ended and is being under pressure from all sides including his clan Gedo’s residents is Farmaajo. He is indeed between a rock and a hard place, just the right spot that Ahmed Madoobe wanted him to be for so long.

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Kuwan dul iyo hoosba loogu sheeg in aan laga rabin meesha.

Government forces disperse opposition protestors in Mogadishu

strong textSomalia Is Headed Towards Another Tragic Collapse

Council of Presidential aspirants call Farmaajo a war-criminal and cannot be part of any settlement.

No holds barred from Deni.