Somaliland Airspace control

How will it be able for Somaliland to take back the airspace?

I know that Somalia don’t have the capacity to safely manage the airspace:

I don’t think that ICAO have the legal right to divide the Somaliland/Somalia airspace, could you guys imagine that Somaliland will take over the full control of the Somaliland & Somalia airspace as the arrangement was in the previous talks?

Very likely. Somaliland has been very lacklustre in as far as taking legal action at global stage is concerned. We have all the tools and we have the cash to hire lawyers who know this road. Why we are not doing it? I am not so sure.

We have just recently started engaging the world of Lobbyists and we already have some promising fruits from it.

If we never ever try it, we will never ever know.

It’s like they first now have found out that they have a solid legal case and that Lobbyist exist :laughing:
I hope in the future they will take the case to any necessary court to obtain what is rightfully is ours.

We also need to move our case from 2005 in that inept AU and get them at least to debate it and hopefully take a position to it.