Somaliland Annual Economic Performance 2023

2023 was a very tough year for Somaliland. It could have been even more tougher if it wasn’t for the conflict in Sudan helping the livestock export sector.

2024 is going to be very similar to 2023 in a lot ways. The political situation in Somaliland is one in limbo - the current leadership seems to be resigned to its faith. The country is waiting for a presidential elections and a President with a clear mandate. The donor countries also waiting for a change in leadership as most of the Projects they use fund are currently in standstill.

Hopefully 2025 will be a transformational year.

Agree. A lot of the pains were self inflicted and some were global. We have seen what the right leadership can do in Somaliland with mayor Mooge. For that to happen we need to field the right candidates to begin with and not recycle the old guard.

True. That is what needs to change in as far as our election system is concerned.

The Political Parties themselves need to go through what is similar to the Caucus elections system in the United States so the party leadership is elected by the party members in each region.

That is what has been missing from Kulmiye’s leadership. They like to take full advantage of the gaping loopholes in our constitution but do little to introduce something new or even make something that already exists a little more better.

I think a new either UCID or Waddani is what is needed today to just overhaul the system and take the bold decisions to make changes.