Somaliland Aviation News

(Not yet confirmed by either Nairobi or Hargeisa)
Kenya Airways plans to start direct flights service to Hargeisa on 18 August.


Plane type
Embraer ERJ 45


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First flight expected to land in Ceerigaabo Airport on 1st May 2022 Insha Allah.

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Good news. Good to see that the Government has backed down from their illogical interference in the free market economy. We need competition to drive prices not bigotry and monopolism.

Must be the peak travelling season when demands goes through the proverbial roof that did it :blush:

Message from the Chairman

Jamaal Aideed Ibrahim

It is my honor to present here the eighth edition of Somaliland Trade Directory. This new edition introduces wide range detailed information of all business sectors. At same time, you will find more new businesses which didn’t appear in the previous editions. It also updated the previous listed companies.

However, this new business directory contains important information on trade and investment opportunities that can serve the business community, investors, foreign visitors to Somaliland and the public in general. The Somaliland Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture stands at all times ready to assist all its business members in equitable services.

I thank here all of those who have taken part of preparing this business directory. And I also hope this directory will be a useful reference for all.

I wish all members every success.