Somaliland Development Project Phase 2

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Project 1:Rebuilding of Burao–Sheikh-Berbera road in Togdheer and Sahil regions

The rebuilding of the Burao to Berbera road will include 82km of full asphalt concrete overlay, the resurfacing of bridges and renewal of drainage systems. Improving connectivity between Somaliland’s port and its second largest city will reduce travel time and costs benefiting the 50,000 members of the public who use this road regularly and contributing to economic development by enhancing service delivery and boosting trade, particularly in the livestock, agriculture, and fishery sectors.

Berbera - Burao Road Rehabilitation Project

Full rehabilitation of 82 km of Burao-Berbera road between Sahil and
Togdheer regions in Eastern Somaliland. The project also will involve replacement of reinforced concrete bridge decks for bridges, namely Dubur, Lalays, Kalajab and Galekor, installation of new
culvert pipes, reinstating of road furniture as well as road marking.

The SDF Secretariat intends to award the construction works to up to three different contractors
under the following lots:
• Lot 1: Rehabilitation of road section between Burao to Sheikh cities which starts from the
Burao roundabout at KM0+00 to Dubur Bridge KM50+500.
• Lot 2: Rehabilitation of road section between Sheikh to Laaleys which starts from Dubur
Bridge at KM50+500 to Laaleys KM82+00.
• Lot 3: Reconstruction of reinforced concrete bridge slab deck of four bridges: Dubur Bridge,
Laaleys Bridge, Gelokor Bridge and Kal-jab Bridge.

Any update on this?

Former minister for roads says they are about to start the project soon though he refers to Berbera to Ceerigaabo road!

(Time stamped)

Looks like they’ve kicked of the project.

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