Somaliland House of Elders (Guurti) extends President Muse Bihi's term by two more years and extend their own term for 5 more years

Both a travesty in my books more so the Guurti extension. We can’t rely on precedents as an argument in 2022, just ammend the constituional term a presidents serves to 7 years instead of 5.

The Presidential one is a little more palatable due to the fact that it coincided with the political party expiry date. If it leads to new parties/blood taking Somaliland forward, it certainly beats the status quo.

Might is right. It is a new era in Somaliland.

What is or was the reason the Guurti election isnt held?

Incompetence and uncommitted by political elite. That is all.

The reality is that, Somaliland’s democratisation has been in hibernation since Egal’s death. Egal was the driving force who setup the initial rules and laws. Democracy needs active participation and active updating and relevance to time. Our laws and system is as Egal left.