SOMALILAND’s first Modern Archeology Bill completed

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism in collaboration with the Horn Heritage Organization has jointly drafted the Somaliland Archeology draft act.
According to WWW.Hayaannews.NET, the draft which will be submitted to House of Representatives, once passed by the cabinet and approved, will help protect and preserve Somaliland’s rich archeological heritage.
The unveiling ceremony of the Somaliland Heritage Act-to-be bill draft prepared by the Horn Heritage Organization was held at the Ministry’s headquarters on Thursday, May 4, 2022 in Hargeisa.
The head of the Horn Heritage Organization, Dr. Sada Mire said she was pleased to have handed over the complete draft of the Archeology Bill to the Ministry of Trade and Tourism and said, in collaboration with the Somaliland Ministry of Trade and Tourism, “today (Thursday 5th April) we are handing over the complete draft law on archeology. We have collaborated with experts in the field of law and the preservation of the history and culture of Africa and the Islamic world”.
This is the first time Somaliland archeology law on the cultural heritage of the ancient artefacts of Somaliland has been drafted. This law is in line with international archelogies laws, and fortunately, Somaliland succeeded to draft this law, while many great countries that have much knowledge and resources not yet enacted, like, UK did not even have a law in this regard, Sada Mire added.
Mustafe Mohamed Dahir, a lawyer at the Somaliland Ministry of Trade and Tourism, said, who spoke at the handover ceremony stated that this law provides for legal action to be taken against those who violate the archeology of the country, and provides the procedure for preserving it, the manner of how to be recorded, as well as how to be stored.
Chairman of the Natural Resources Subcommittee of the House of Representatives of Somaliland Hon. Mubarik Muse Ismail “Dalaal” thanked the Horn Heritage Foundation and the Somaliland Ministry of Trade and Tourism for drafting the Somaliland Archaeological Draft Law, which he will work on how to pass in the parliament, once transferred from the government.
Ayaanle Abdirahman Ibrahim, Director of the Archeology Department of the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of Somaliland, thanked the Head of the Horn Heritage Organization, Dr. Sada Mire, and said he hope that this law will be passed by the Somaliland House of Representatives and the Council of Ministers for it is a law of great national importance.
The Director General of the Somaliland Ministry of Trade and Tourism, Hamse Hamud Guled, said they would work on how to make this archeological draft bill become official enacted law.
Horn Heritage and the members of House of Representatives who were present at the hand-over ceremony highlighted the importance of the draft, and pledged to work jointly.
The Horn Heritage Organization has launched the Digitalized Museum, which aims to collect and preserve archeology, culture, skills, arithmetic, and technology invented by the people of the Horn Africa for centuries in a row.
This museum is a repository of the cultural heritage of the Horn of Africa (Somaliland, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya and Djibouti).