Somaliland’s new Cold War diplomacy


Very interesting read, thanks. I hope that, Mr. Bihi, will quitely and methodically reach out to Bibi of Israel before Trump leaves office. And try to persuade him - by using through “intermediate parties”, like the UAE - that SL, just like UAE, have no qualms, be it religious, moral, political & diplomatic, or even for that matter any kind “objection” when it comes to her “establishing” a diplomatic and fully legal & reciprocal recognition between her and Israel.

Provided, of course, that Bibi in particular, and the Israeli government in general, uses their “good offices” to prevail and persuade the current Trump’s administration to recognize SL before January of next year.

This is most important diplomatic case in which Mr. Bihi can do for his country before Trump leaves office. Let’s hope, Mr. Bihi, will not shy away from the alleged and the aged-old hoary “controversy” that inevitably will come with this idea of having to establish a bilateral relationship with the state of Israel.