Somaliland's Map

The Map shown on Here on Wikipedia, is wrong. Someone who has Wiki Access, please update with the correct Map from the British Library which is provided above.

The reason the Map on Wikipedia is that, Mohamed Siyad Barre created Nugal region and pushed around 14km towards Somaliland (Today’s Sool region).

The correct map is below

Close up, original border between Sool & Nugaal.

The Latitude and Longitude coordinations of Somaliland’s Eastern Borders are:

You will need to connect these dots and you will get the Eastern Border.

11 degree North, 49 degree East
9 degree North, 49 degree East
8 degree North, 48 degree East


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An old Japanese Map showing Somaliland. Interesting they denoted a tea cup as a local symbol.

Ragna waa shaah dumarna waa Sheeko.

Historic Photo of the point where Somaliland, Ethiopia and Ex-Italian Somalia border intersect.


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Map of Berbera Port circa 1827

Interesting Map. This map gives Togdheer access to the Sea.

The Horn of Africa, 1938.

Hargeisa shown here as “Harrer-es-Sagheer” or Little-Harrer.