Somaliliand e-government activated

This was long overdue. Unifying the gov’t digital footprint should have been a priority from the get go.

These days most people get their information and news organisation look for documents/reports on Gov’t websites rather than visiting the actual department and getting a hard copy of a report.

Better late then never.

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Spot on, my friend. In fact, let’s hope we learned a thing or two from Taiwan which is a forefront of this digital landscape, especially the notion of doing government process and services on it’s digital platform. Particular from the notion of paying taxes, to register any documents or making even enquires about it, or even making hospital appointment with your local MCH. Or for that matter getting in touch with the local government regulations office and reading, downloading its tax document.

Almost everything can be done in this way. Even schooling can be done up to a point through a digital platform.

Hence, we really need the taiwanese folks to step up on the plate, put all the infrastructure in place, for us, connect the networks across every corner of the country. And then we can then take it from there by knowing what we need to digitize as a public service, going forward. And what needs to remain in the hard copy paper document format, along with what needs to stay a face to face encounter sort of requirements in which the citizens need to do in order to get access from any public office.

There is so much of a public good that can be done on this area, if the government start thinking how even small countries, like Estonia, and the likes Taiwan, had actually increase the satisfaction of the public service and the access of the public goods by employing this kind of all-of-government-service-platform on their digital terrain and platform. Eespecially as the first port of call for the citizens in regards to his or her right to the nation social service.

Of course, we are barely literate society in SL. But, still, even with that handicap retarding us a bit, we can still migrate a lots of public service provisions to this sort of digital platform. And we can do that in most urban big cities, where lots of IT savvy school graduates and tech-literate young adult could be found, whereby they could then get access to such public service provisions. Especially since the penetration of big mobile platform and internet is almost freely available in most urban cities in the country.


Somaliland E-government Capability Enhancement Project

Project Name: Somaliland E-government Capability Enhancement Project
Project Description: The Ministry of ICT of Somaliland unveiled the Somaliland e-Government Strategy 2020-2024 Action Plan, a government digitalization implementation guideline which requires many external resources for initiation. Government institutions in Somaliland currently work individually with limited information exchange. People have to visit multiple departments to take care of business and the service quality is unsatisfactory. Furthermore, data exchange among government institutions requires lengthy phone calls or communication. This system puts the overall operation under the risk of low efficiency, data mishandling, poor management, and tracking difficulties. As a result, cooperation among government institutions is challenging.

This project echoes the 16th and 17th UN Sustainable Development Goals through establishment of channels for the government to be transparent and disperse information to the general public, while also enhancing the government digitization and e-governance capability. The main content of the project is to enhance Somaliland’s e-government capability through establishing a data exchange platform among government institutions, capacity building and institutional strengthening, and improving government network management.|
|Implementation Start Date:|2021/4/1|
|Implementation End Date:|2023/12/31|
|Project Objectives:|The project aims to enhance the e-governance of the Somaliland government, including improving the efficiency of intragovernmental data exchange by building a data exchange platform, establishing a national ICT center as a hub for ICT capacity building, and assisting to improve the management of government networks.|
|Executing Agency:|Ministry of Information and Communication Technology of Somaliland; Taiwan Technical Mission in Somaliland|
|Project Contact:|Chen, Chao-Yeh|
|Phone:|+886-2-28732323 ext.234|
|E-mail:|[email protected]|
|Mission:|Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Somaliland|
|Cooperating Country:|Africa, Somaliland|
|Project status:|Projects under implementation|

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