Some find water while drilling for oil, others find oil while drilling for water! Somaliland discovers oil in Salaxley

In Salahlay a district of Hargeisa. A deepwater drilling extracted crude oil instead of water.

API gravity of crude oil grades

A crude oil will typically have an API between 15 and 45 degrees. Higher API indicates a lighter (lower density) crude. Lower API indicates a heavier (more dense) crude. Generally, lighter (high API) crudes are more valuable because they yield more high-value light products when run through a refinery.

Light crude is typically in the 35-45 API range, which includes most of the highest valued crudes such as Brent and WTI. Crudes lighter than 45 are typically considered extra-light crude or condensates and are valued lower than light crude. A medium crude is in the 25-35 API range, and a heavy crude is in the 15-25 API range. Anything below 15 API would be considered an extra-heavy crude.

Blast from the past!

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