The Somali Population Question through Mapping

All things Somali population related.


Burco vs Bosaso. :laughing:

Clearly there is an agenda minimizing Somaliland population. But you cant deny empirical data and Somaliland should start debunking UN / World Bank / IMF data vociferously.

or even Berbera and Burco !

Its a travesty. This all comes down to those who run Somaliland’s agencies and ministries. They are oblivious at best and incompetently inept at worse.

Pretty sure there are also a lot of Somalis from a certain clan that work in these institutions that help skew these reports, just think of the clear bias in the Somali BBC.

Anything is possible. But if you don’t challenge the validity of the data and reports and hold the authors who sign off these reports responsible and demand corrective actions, things will be the same.

We need a lot more Think Tanks and experts who go on news media left right and centre. The video you posted yesterday with Abdi Ainte is a case in point. Imagine talking for 1 and half hours about election failure in Somalia and Ethiopia and discussing Somaliland for less than a minute and actually equating it with Puntland’s pilot project in 3 tuulos!

Absolutely. This needs to change.