Wajaale - Loyada Corridor to commence paving the way for seamless trade & travel between Somaliland & Djibouti


I really dislike Djibouti…

Can’t choose your neighbours sadly, where is Eswatini when you need them!

Farmaajo’s policy of sidelining Djibouti and be-friending Asmara was a wake up call for the dictator in Djibouti. All of a sudden he found himself alone and isolated. The Ethiopians bullied Djibouti to give them a huge discount on their Import/Export services.

All these has forced Djibouti to accept Somaliland. Not out of love but out of desperation.

And as a spill over from the ethiopian war the afar has started to make some move.

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With Eritrea being an integral part of the the Tigray war, it’s only a matter of time till Ethiopia and Eritrea cossy up trade and logistics wise further canabilising Djibouti trade and further isolating Djibouti.

IOG won’t accept that he needs Somaliland, the reason he was praising HSM with medals.

But his cabinet knows what up.

I think Abiy is smarter than that. Abiy was only using Eritrea to get rid off the TPLF threat. Once that threat is neutralised, he will try to isolate Eritrea like the TPLF did. That is my gut feeling.

B/c if Abiy doesn’t get rid of Isaisi Afwerki, Isiaisi will definitely get rid of Abiy.

It is a dog-eat-dog-world there.

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Djibouti and Somalia minister of Finances along with African Development Bank sign the financing agreement for the Loyado Corridor.