You've heard of SOMALIA! But have YOU heard of SOMALILAND?!

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This is really good. We need to invite more Youtube/Social Media stars as well as other celebrity to Somaliland. The dividend is huge in terms of raising Brand awareness.

In just the last couple of weeks, it seems a lot of Africans have started learning about Somaliland, mostly due to the elections but also due to the social media content.

Somaliland Gov’t should start holding African competition with a prize money of $100,000 thousand dollars. Probably Public Private Partnership with the leading companies sponsoring. By inviting top African athletics, we can raise our name even higher. It will not cost us really that much.


100%. You saw how Damal Hotel upgraded this guy once they figured out his marketing value. Also we need originality, we can’t show every tourist the same spots, i.e. money on the streets, Hargeisa market, Laas Geel and Berbera beach and if you’re lucky Sheikh mountains. They should get a government paid or corporate company sponsored free tour by tour companies like MASNAD or Somaliland Travel. These people are willing to travel just check the length Ben went, to visit far flung places in Ethiopia like mountains and volcanoes sometimes trekking for days in a landcruiser.

Imagine showcasing Gacan Libaax, Saacadadiin Islands, Daallo Mountains via Burco and Ceerigaabo . Maydh down the coast all the way to Berbera via Xiis, Ceel Darad etc!

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You heard of Tour De France, the cycling competition. Dakar rally etc etc.

We could have Tour De Somaliland, a cycling competition starting from Borama all the way to Burco. Invite cycling people from Africa.

Berbera - Sheikh Marathon

Horn of Africa Football Championship.

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DP World or Dahabshiil would surely sponsor it. We could even start a local one then branch it out once people see a capable track record, similar to the local marathons. Different stages , Borama to Hargeisa, Hargeisa to Berbera, Berbera to Burco, Burco to Garadag and eventually to Ceerigaabo now that the road is complete.

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