Somaliland Budget

Miisaaniyada xukuumada Somaliland oo korodhay %17 sannadkan

Khamiis, December, 9, 2021 (HOL) - Golaha wasiirada Somaliland ayaa maanta ansixiyay miisanadiyada xukuumada Somaliland ee sannadka 2022, oo dhan 3,447,802,505,538 (Saddex Tiriliyan, Afar Boqol iyo Toddoba iyo Afartan Bilyan, Siddeed Boqol iyo laba milyan, shan Boqol iyo shan kun iyo shan boqol siddeed iyo soddon shilin, waxayna korodhay %17 marka loo eego tii sannadkan 2021.

Miisaaniyada dowlada dhexe ayaa korodhay %11, ta dowladaha hoose ayaa korodhay %44, ta hay’addaha madaxabannan ayaa korodhay %12, ta macaawinooyinka dibada ayaa korodhay, %41, isla markaana ciidamada ayaa mushaarkooda boqolkiiba %20 la kordhiyay.

“Oddoroska miisaaniyad-sannadeedka waxa lagaga shaqayn doona, Isku dheelli-tirka dakhliga iyo kharashka, xakamaynta sicir-bararka, Ilaalinta qiimaha shilinka Somaliland, Ka guurista ku-tiirsanaanta cashuuraha kastamka, xoojinta amniga, qabashada iyo soo saarista biyaha, Ku-talogalka abaaraha, xoojinta keydka qaranka, kor u qaadista adeeggyada caafimaadka iyo waxbarashada, dhiirrigelinta wax soo saarka, deegaanka, xoojinta ictiraaf raadinta” ayaa lagu yidhi warbixin laga soo saaray ansixinta.

Munaasibada ansixinta miisaaniyada ayaa waxa fadhiyay 30 wasiir oo ka tirsan xukuumada Somaliland, waxaa ka aamusay hal wasiir, manay jirin cid diiday.

Stands at 405 million dollars or average of 33.5 million dollars a month.

I remember a time when the whole of Somaliland budget was around 35 million dollars during President Daahir Rayaale’s time.

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According to the below snipets of information, it seems the Somaliland Gov’t official SLSH rate to the USD is 7000SLSH to $1.

164629613120÷23518163 = 7000 Shillings/US Dollar

Also DP World rent for Berbera Port is 5 million dollar a year.

5,000,000 * 7000 Shillings = 35,000,000,000 Shillings

So essentially, the dollar value of the 2022 Budget should be $492,543,215

So all those ambassadors and UN heads from Somalia coming for photo ops to Somaliland with the president is $23 million per year? Surely that can’t be all. How can we not ween ourselves of 23 million Dollars per year??? This should covered by improvements from the 3 worst performing ministries looking at the table above. Kaluumaysiga hard to believe what they are all about. Tamarta& Macdanta is a travesty. Beeraha underperforming. Would like to know what Khayraadka Dalka is being sold for that amount?

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Regarding Berbera rent money, its more symbolic than anything else. The multiplier effect that the initial investment has led to is where the benefit / impact will be felt in the long term. The roads, bridges, the airports, the hospitals, the solar plants, the training, the schools, BEZ and other international companies willing to invest i.e Trafigura and CDC.

Same here, I was wondering is there something amiss here? Less than a million dollars from the World Bank and 185 thousand from JPLG. This is a scandalous.

There was reports about a year ago that say about 60 - 70 million dollars were being held by Mogadishu that these global institutions earn marked for Somaliland. Somaliland refused to accept it since it was coming through Somalia’s Central Bank and FGS was responsible for the disbursement and allocations as well as reporting back to the donor community.

There was news recently that the World Bank will start directly dealing with Somaliland as of next year.

Somaliland should include the establishment of Science and Technology Institute which will develop technologies for Somaliland.

These days technology has become so easily available specially integration of existing indivitual technologies in order to make something that is useful. For example, Turkey’s TB2 Drone is mostly made up of imported individual parts from Flight control to the Propulsion system to the High Resolution Cameras. The Turkish made technology in the TB2 is less than 20% of the final product.

Knowledge is available, you can hire highly skilled people both from India and as well as subsaharan Africa.


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2022 Budget in full.

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What this headline all about? Is this all the customer savings in all the private/public banks?

Quarter 1 Budget Update

My take is that the banks are very liquid. If all they are financing is less than 10% of the deposits they hold, which means they wont be making much profit and they aint helping the economy of the country by nearly as much as they could by offering loans to business or individuals.

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2023 Somaliland Budget

3.581440 Trillion Somaliland Shillings which is equivalent to 511 million USD. :money_mouth_face:

Beside the PFM how well will this single government account, where all government income go through, be a guard against corruption and the fight against corruption?

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Treasury single account is the standard IMF/World Bank policy. If done right, this minimised corruption and makes “follow the money” that much easier. But it all depends on how serious the Presidency wants it to be. If this becomes like Nigeria’s single-account (name only) facility, it won’t deliver the benefits.

With the exception of JPLG and SDF which are both externally funded.

Somaliland Gov’t is running a surplus of around $10m dollars.


Somaliland Budget 2023